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5 Reasons Why Talent Acquisition and Social Media are BFFs

Social media is a must-have in your hiring toolbox—here's a quick look at why talent acquisition and social media are BFFs.

From Selfies to Superstars

In today’s digital landscape, social media has revolutionized the way we connect, communicate, and collaborate. It’s not just a medium to see pics of your uncle’s vacation to Graceland or comment on your bestie’s post asking which cat food yields minimal hairballs; it has become a game-changer in the realm of recruitment. From attracting top talent to enhancing employer branding, organizations now recognize the immense value of leveraging social media for hiring. In this blog post, we’ll explore why talent acquisition and social media are BFFs and how that relationship can open doors to endless opportunities to build your team.

In this post:

  1. Unlock the Social Goldmine
  2. Fuel Your Talent Magnet With a Strong Brand
  3. Targeted Talent Hunt
  4. Real-Time Recruitment Connection
  5. Data-Driven Recruitment Success
  6. Confirmed: Talent Acquisition and Social Media are BFFs
  7. Level Up Your Recruiting Process

Unlock the Social Goldmine

Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and others provide access to billions of active users across diverse demographics, geographies, and industries.

Even back in 2015, Inc.com reported that “79% of job seekers use social media in their job search”1. That jumped to 86% for job seekers who are in the first 10 years of their careers and both of these numbers have certainly continued a healthy increase over the years. With so many potential candidates ripe for the picking, it’s undeniable that social platforms can be a plentiful source for your talent pool.

So Many Candidates

Crafting engaging content and targeted campaigns allows organizations to expand their reach exponentially, ensuring job postings and employer brand messages reach the right individuals at the right time. Speaking of employer brand…

Fuel Your Talent Magnet With a Strong Brand

A strong employer brand sets organizations apart in the competitive talent landscape. Social media allows companies to showcase their unique culture, values, and employee experiences, creating a compelling employer brand. By sharing authentic stories, testimonials, and glimpses into your work environment, you foster a favorable impression which reinforces your organization’s reputation. With 35% of job hunters finding career opportunities on social networks2, that’s a demographic you can’t ignore when you’re planning your social strategy.

Let’s take a look at GitLab’s Instagram feed where we see a nice mix of employee spotlights, notable corporate events (both remote and on-site). The point is, GitLab is showcasing employee satisfaction just as much as they’re promoting their brand.

Good Example of Social Branding: Gitlab's Instagram Feed

Think of how a job seeker might perceive GitLab’s as a viable place for employment. Regardless of the size of your company, when job seekers see posts that leave them with a positive impression, they’re more likely to engage with your job offerings. Strengthening your organization’s brand while attracting talent and increasing your social presence? Not bad!

Targeted Talent Hunt

One of the key advantages of social media platforms is their advanced search functionalities. Recruiters can utilize various search filters, such as location, job titles, education, and experience, to identify candidates who possess specific skills, qualifications, or industry expertise. This targeted approach saves time and effort by narrowing down the pool of potential candidates to those who closely align with the requirements of the position.

The screenshot below for example shows a portion LinkedIn’s search filtering capabilities which allows you to filter search results based on candidates’ interests, location and even their current and past employers.

LinkedIn Search Filter Example

In addition to search filters, recruiters can leverage hashtags to further refine their candidate search. Hashtags allow you to tap into relevant conversations and topics within specific industries or professional communities. By using industry-specific hashtags in your posts, you can uncover individuals who are actively participating in discussions or sharing insights related to their field. This approach can help you identify candidates who have a genuine interest and passion for the work they do, increasing the likelihood of finding a perfect fit for your organization. #TalentAcquisition #HrLife #Recruiting #Leadline

Real-Time Recruitment Connection

Unlike traditional methods, social media facilitates real-time engagement and two-way communication. Recruiters can promptly respond to candidate inquiries, provide information, and address concerns using comments, direct messages, and live chats. This level of interaction expedites the recruitment process and enhances the candidate experience, leaving a positive impression with job seekers.

Keep in mind that these social platforms are likely tools that your candidates already use, so by leveraging social media’s communication features, you’re simplifying the engagement experience.

Cats as Recruiters & Applicants

Data-Driven Recruitment Success

Social media platforms offer robust analytics and insights, enabling organizations to measure the success of their recruitment strategies. Tracking engagement, click-through rates, and demographic information provides valuable data for refining targeting, personalizing messaging, and identifying trends. Data-driven decisions optimize the overall recruitment strategy, increasing the chances of finding the right fit.

Here we see a high-level view of Meta Business Suite for Facebook and Instagram analytics:

Using Social Media for Hiring

What’s more, if you’re already using Leadline, you can combine analytical data from your social profiles with Leadline’s reporting tools to identify candidates that have made it through the pipeline. This gives you even more insight into your cost-per-hire and ROI metrics.

Confirmed: Talent Acquisition and Social Media are BFFs

Yep, they’re best friends forever. In the competitive job market, organizations must adapt and leverage every available tool to secure the best talent. Social media is no longer just a trend; it is a strategic imperative. Embracing social media for recruiting empowers organizations to gain a competitive edge, attract top talent, and build high-performing teams that drive success in the digital era.

The possibilities are endless when social media becomes an integral part of talent acquisition strategies. If that’s not enough, check out our Guide to Generating Quality Inbound Candidate Leads, then to really step up your talent acquisition game, request a live demo today to see how combining your social media efforts with Leadline’s Adaptive Recruitment Marketing Method creates a powerfully dynamic recruiting experience.


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