Platform Update

Applicant Tracking Systems are here with Leadline v1.5!

Boost Your Hiring Process with Leadline v1.5! Connect your Applicant Tracking System, bulk-edit positions, improved widgets, and more.

Introducing: ATS support with Leadline v1.5!

Welcome to Leadline v1.5! We are thrilled to announce Applicant Tracking System support in this platform update. Here’s what else you can expect:

Connect your Applicant Tracking System to Leadline!

Leadline now integrates with a wide range of popular Applicant Tracking Systems, such as BullHorn, Greenhouse, WorkDay, Lever, and more. Enabling this integration allows Leadline to automatically import jobs from your ATS, making it simple to enhance these jobs with a custom-branded applicant experience powered by Leadline.

Additionally, Recruiters and Hiring Managers can also send selected candidates from Leadline directly into your ATS, keeping your ATS clean from unqualified applicants. A company administrator can enable this feature from the Integrations page under Administration settings.

To view all compatible Applicant Tracking Systems, visit our Integrations page.

Connect Your Applicant Tracking System To Leadline

Bulk-actions for Positions

You now have the capability to select multiple positions and perform bulk tasks such as assigning a specific page template, designating recruiters, adding custom field tags, or adjusting their statuses.

Website Widget Improvements

The Leadline Website Widget is now even more developer-friendly and flexible. The widget will automatically inherit the font styles of the parent of the page in which it is installed.

Candidate Export Enhancements

The candidate export function has been enhanced to include the applicant’s name, email, phone number, the title of the position they applied to, and the date the application was submitted.

That’s all for now! Don’t go anywhere—next month we’re introducing some major improvements to the way hiring teams can search and organize their candidates!

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