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Author Spotlight: Chandler Waldis

Meet Chandler, Chief Product Officer and content author at Leadline.

Chandler Waldis
Chief Product Officer

About the Author

What’s your favorite blog post and why?

Favorite blog post is “What is Cost per Hire and Why is it Important?“. This does the best job explaining Leadline’s unique value proposition and mission for our clients.

In your opinion, what makes Leadline unique?

What makes Leadline unique is our platform is flexibly designed to allow our clients to advertise jobs on as many or few channels as they desire without having to worry about losing source attribution data when re-directing candidates to apply directly on the company’s website.

Name one thing you can’t live without.

Can’t live without my team. This job becomes impossible without their support and passion for the business.

Do you have any proud career moments you’d like to share?

One proud career moment with Leadline is when we hired my brother full-time. As we were always 4-years age difference throughout high-school and college, we never got many opportunities to cross paths at the same time. As an older brother, it feels great to be able to work with him on a regular basis.

What’s an interesting fact we can’t find on your LinkedIn profile or resume?

I am a big fan of cooking/smoking barbecue and discovering new music—two things that usually go hand in hand!

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