Fall in Love with Automation Tools

You know that feeling when you learn something new, and it materially improves your day-to-day working cycle? Whether it’s a huge breakthrough or something simple that gives you back 30 minutes in your day-it allows you to feel accomplished, less stressed, and as an employee; more satisfied with your job.

We built Leadline with the belief that employees love the tools their employer provides them-and that in of itself is an initiative to retain talent. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, here are some reasons to love Leadline because of the automation capabilities that can provide you time back in your day:

  1. No more email inbox digging and inbox notification anxiety. When you use Leadline, candidates and their information are automatically and securely entered into a centralized cloud-based database that you securely control access to. Your candidates are also neatly organized for you to search and filter on things like company fit, qualifications, requirements, position type, or a custom reporting field. You can also reduce email inbox anxiety with email notification preferences; receive application notices in real-time or on a daily/weekly basis. You can also choose to only receive notifications for qualified applicants, and decide whether you want notices emailed or texted to you!

  2. You can automate (and personalize) your ‘thanks-let’s get an interview scheduled!’ and ‘thanks, but no thanks’ messages. Regardless of whether you had a chance to review an applicant’s resume or whether you let Leadline’s smart matching capabilities make the determination, you can (and should) set next-step expectations with Candidates-even those that do not qualify, they are still a contact for you to leverage in the future!

  3. No more ’email tag’ for meeting/interview scheduling (even with your hiring managers). With Leadline’s Connected Calendar feature, candidates select availabilities based on your schedule. You can even define recruiting-specific rules to your calendar through Leadline-for example, not allowing Candidates to book interviews with you on Fridays but keeping your calendar open for internal meetings. You can even combine multiple Connected Calendars for Candidates to easily schedule group meetings based on the groups overlapping availabilities.

To put things into perspective, consider these three tasks alone in terms of productivity savings for each recruiter for managing 20 applicants per week.

1 @20 applicants, 2 @20 applicants/week
TaskTime spentPer week1Per month2
Inbox digging & inbox notification anxiety1 minute per candidate20 minutes per week1 hour, 40 mins per month
Sending ‘thanks’ and ‘thanks but no thanks’ replies.1 minute per response20 minutes per week1 hour, 40 mins per month
Coordinating meeting and interview availabilities (including round-2 calls with hiring managers)5 minutes per interview1 hour, 40 min per week8 hours, 20 mins per month
Productivity savings7 mins per candidate2 hours, 20 mins per week11 hours, 20 mins per month (or +6% more productive)

And that’s just the beginning-we are constantly releasing new features to automate even more processes of your day because we know how much it could mean to people over the course of a month!

So when you evaluate tools, remember to consider yourself and your time-because it’s valuable! With Leadline, getting back time in your day on a consistent basis can really add up, which allows you to focus more on the things you love to do, which is recruiting!

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