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From QR Codes to Auto-Pilot Ads: Meet Leadline v1.4

New features and improvements to elevate your recruitment strategy with QR codes, auto-pilot ads, an improved position management experience, and more!

Introducing Leadline v1.4

That’s right! We’ve got even more exciting new features and updates to help you elevate your recruitment strategy. Keep reading to learn all about our latest release.

Generate QR Codes Directly in Leadline

Leadline now automatically generates downloadable and shareable QR codes for your channel links – great for tracking applicant volume from a specific job fair, marketing flyer, or any other ‘Scan to Apply’ experience.

To view and download the QR code, go to your positions page and select a position to open the card view. Then click the QR code icon next to the channel you want to count scans against. Just like any other channel, Leadline can measure more than just scans—we measure how many scans actually convert into qualified applicants, and how many scans actually turn into a hiring decision—giving you full end-to-end visibility into how successful your QR code advertising efforts actually are.

Auto-generate unlimited unique QR codes for your job openings
Auto-generate unlimited unique QR codes for your job openings

Programmatic Advertising, Auto-Pilot Ads

The JobFeeder now supports the Talroo Ad Platform as a destination. With this integration, you can stream your jobs to thousands of websites on a target Cost-per-Applicant (CPA) model. With this feature enabled, Leadline automatically posts your jobs to targeted audiences based on the data you put in your job requirements—essentially putting your job posting process on auto-pilot. Now your team can focus on engaging your candidates! And here’s the kicker—as your team engages with candidates on Leadline, the advertisement engine gets smarter and more efficient with your spending based upon your recruiting team’s candidate selection habits to give you more control of your Cost-per-Hire.

Position Settings Improvements

Based on community feedback, we decided to simplify the position creation process with a few improvements:

  • We have reduced the number of ‘required’ fields for setting up a position, so you can post jobs quicker.
  • Salary ranges are now supported, and types for daily and weekly pay have been added.
  • You can now create custom benefits for your company, so you can personalize the perks you advertise to your employees.
  • Expand and collapse styles have been implemented so you don’t have to scroll as much.
  • The WYSIWYG (it’s pronounced “whiz-ee-wig”, and stands for What You See Is What You Get) editor is easier to use—you can re-size the job description editing area to your liking.

Website Widget Improvements

If you want to advertise your jobs directly on your own Careers page, you might want to consider giving your website manager a seat in Leadline. The website widget builder is a great developer tool for them to easily customize and install the widget directly on any of your website pages—you get valuable applicant source data in real-time, your marketing team gets it to look nice and on-brand, and your web manager is happy because it’s web-developer friendly and easy to install.

Stream positions to your website with our Website Widget. Image courtesy of Founders 3, a proud member of the Leadline family.

Thank you for being a part of the Leadline community. We’re dedicated to continuously improving your experience and providing you with the best tools for successful recruiting.

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