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Leadline 2023: A Year of Explosive Growth and Innovation

From QR codes to AI-powered hiring, discover how Leadline transformed recruiting and raised the bar for hiring software in 2023!

2023 was a year of tremendous growth and innovation for Leadline. We not only almost doubled the size of our team, but also established ourselves as the go-to recruiting platform for many organizations to improve their ability to attract and hire top talent. As a result, our customers were able to source more than 600 qualified candidates collectively.

We also met many great people in the industry from attending trade shows all over the country, including Staffing World, HR Tech, New Jersey School Board Administrators, and The Beckers Conference, to name a few.

Though just the tip of the iceberg, we are incredibly grateful for our time in 2023 as we look forward to much bigger things ahead in 2024.

We also released many new features and improvements that made it easier for our customers to find the perfect candidates. To reflect and recap our platform evolution, here are the top 10 features we released in 2023.

Job Feeder

We started the year by launching JobFeeder—a powerful tool that outputs position data in XML format for job boards. This made it easier than ever for our customers to sync their jobs created in Leadline to multiple sources like your Careers page, job boards like Indeed, and programmatic job advertising networks like Talroo!


We introduced SmartLines, a feature that generates dynamic content based on various job and candidate properties used in Leadline, allowing customers to create a more personalized experience for candidates at scale.

Google Jobs Support

We integrated Leadline with Google Jobs, meaning that our customers’ Landing Pages are SEO-optimized and compatible with Google search results, which gave our customers a whole new way to reach qualified candidates on the world’s most popular search engine at no cost.

QR Code Generation

We made it even easier for our customers to track applicants from specific sources by introducing QR code generation. Now, customers could print or display a QR code, and when a candidate scanned it, they would be taken to a job-specific landing page. This feature was great for in-person events like job fairs, networking events, or Now Hiring flyers!

Auto-Pilot Ads

We took the guesswork out of job advertising with the launch of auto-pilot ads. This feature automatically posts jobs to other websites based on the customer’s target audience, ensuring that the right people see their jobs.

Improved Position Management

We made it easier for our customers to create and customize job postings with improved position management. This enhancement included features like drag-and-drop ordering of questionnaire sections and the ability to add custom fields.

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) Integration

We integrated Leadline with many popular ATS systems, making it easier than ever for our customers to manage their recruiting process from start to finish. With ATS integration, customers could automatically import jobs and send candidates directly into their ATS.

Multi-Language Candidate Experiences

We also integrated with Google Translate to allow candidates to choose their preferred language when reading job descriptions, submitting applications, and next-step instructions. This feature opens the door to many non-English speaking applicants without requiring recruiting teams to create multiple versions of job descriptions in different languages.

Candidate Relationship Manager (CRM)

We helped our customers source passive candidates by introducing a Candidate Relationship Manager (CRM). This feature allowed customers to add candidates to their private database and search for them based on skills or tags. Additionally, we introduced an activity log to track all outreach and touchpoints recruiting teams have with their candidates.

Match Scoring

We also introduced a match-scoring feature that rates applicants based on the contents of their application submissions. This unique feature helps our customers work through piles of applications more quickly by starting with those most likely to be the best fit for the job.

And That’s a Wrap

These are just 10 of the many new features and improvements that we released in 2023. What will the next ten features of 2024 be? Here’s a hint: analytics, AI, and more integrations. We are committed to helping our customers attract and hire the best talent and ensuring they have a continuously evolving and innovative solution that gives them a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Are you Intrigued? You should be! Discover why it’s generating buzz and see first-hand what Leadline can do for your organization. Our sales team is ready to assist if you want to explore further. Request a personalized demo, and let’s work together to launch your recruitment journey to success.

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