Leadline v1.3

Unlocking SEO Success: Introducing Leadline’s JobFeeder Feature

Discover Leadline v1.3: JobFeeder, enhanced Page Editor, SmartLines, Google Jobs support, branded Questionnaire styles, and more!

Introducing the Leadline JobFeeder

As the name suggests, our JobFeeder takes your position data in Leadline and outputs that data in XML format (a standard data structure understood by most job boards). When using the JobFeeder changes to your positions in Leadline stay in sync with the sources you advertise your jobs to.

The JobFeeder currently supports one destination (Indeed organic listings), but we will be adding more destinations in the coming months. If you need help activating this feature, don’t hesitate to contact your customer success manager, and we’ll help you set it up.

Leadline recruiting software feature: job feeder

Huge Page Editor Improvements

We have updated our Landing Page editor to support more features and designed it to be more user-friendly. You can now create custom Page templates using a library of 15+ design styles to choose from to personalize the look and feel of your Landing Page. We have also added support for embedding video links from YouTube or Vimeo directly on your Landing Page. We have also introduced new “Apply Later” buttons, which will email the Landing Page URL to the candidate so they can complete the job application at another time.

Leadline recruiting software feature: smart lines


While editing a Page, you can now inject SmartLines into your Page to present dynamically generated content to the candidate based on the Position they are applying for. SmartLines reduce the need to create a Landing Page for each Position—you can create your design once and let Leadline automatically craft each of your Position-specific Landing Pages.

Google Jobs Support

Landing Pages now support the data structure required by Google to be listed as a Google Job directly from a Google search result. For no additional cost, your chances of increased discovery and conversion are now higher!

Branded Questionnaire Styles (Community Request)

We have improved the candidate application experience by applying and maintaining brand colors and font styles to the Questionnaire design. Your candidate application experience will now be more consistent with your brand.

That’s all for now! Feel free to connect with your customer success representative for details on more planned upcoming releases or if you have any feature requests.

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