Platform Update

Candidate CRM, Application Match Scores, and more in Leadline v1.6

Leadline’s January release is here, with new features catering to active and passive recruiting strategies of all shapes and sizes.

Happy New Year from the Leadline team! This year, our New Year’s resolution remained the same-we’re still making talent acquisition simple.

To do that, we’ve added more features to make recruiting teams more productive at recruiting—so you can focus more on your New Year’s resolutions!

Candidate Relationship Manager (CRM)

As organizations diversify their sourcing efforts with active and passive recruitment strategies, we decided to extend Leadline’s functionality to support different ways of becoming a candidate.

While sourcing for active candidates via job boards, it’s not uncommon for recruiters to scroll through social sites like LinkedIn to find passive candidates that they can proactively reach out to convince them to join their organization. To allow our customers to do the same, we have opened up Leadline to become both a Candidate Relationship Manager (CRM) and an Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

With Leadline, recruiters can now add candidates to the company’s candidate database without requiring individuals to apply for a job. This is a great way to quickly add passive candidates such as:

  • Someone is currently employed but might be looking for other job opportunities.
  • Individuals who were referred for the job by word of mouth.
  • Candidates who engaged in person at a networking event.

Over time, as companies amass larger databases with thousands of candidates, keeping all that data organized is important. Searching the database based on unique characteristics, preferences, or skill sets relevant to the hiring process is not a luxury but a need.

In this release, we introduced candidate tags that can be individually or bulk-applied to a candidate. With our new Live Search feature, recruiters can easily find a group of candidates in the database based on a favorite status, job-seeker status, current employer, tags, or some combination of those points.

In addition to searching and filtering, talent acquisition managers and hiring teams need visibility and traceability of the different actions taken by recruiters. For this reason, the candidate profile now includes an activity log to track messages, past and upcoming meetings, interview notes, application submissions, and more.

Another feature we’ve added is the ability to upload files and add links to a candidate profile. With our enhanced user interface, recruiters can easily share a full view of the applicant with a hiring manager for a seamless and collaborative experience, resulting in faster decision-making.

Submissions Match Scoring

When candidates apply for a job, they typically fill out information on a form, which a recruiter or hiring manager has to review and determine if the information provided is complete, correct, and relevant. To improve the qualifying process in the hiring process, we’ve introduced a new match-score feature that intelligently scores all submissions on a scale from 0—100%.

Our new scoring system considers factors like application completeness and preferred answer choices to suggest the best-fit candidates for the recruiting team to focus their efforts on. For those recruiting teams with different requirements, our new submissions filter feature allows teams to easily find applications based on their custom filtering rather than using Leadline’s suggested match score.

We’ve also redesigned the user experience to make it much more user-friendly. With a new drag-n-drop board view, hiring teams can see all candidate submissions for that position based on the source (where they applied from), when they applied, and what stage in the hiring process they are in. Moving candidates down the hiring pipeline is as easy as dragging them from one hiring stage column to another. Moving that candidate to the next hiring stage will trigger a personalized text message if a message flow is attached to that hiring stage.

Becoming a recruiting powerhouse is now easier than ever! Whether deploying a passive recruiting strategy, head-hunting on LinkedIn, launching an active recruiting strategy leveraging job boards and career pages, or combining both, Leadline has everything hiring teams need in one easy-to-use software application.

What’s next on the Leadline roadmap?

Up next, our team focuses on visualized analytics and insights to help recruiting teams make the most of their recruiting data. Expect everything from candidate insights to your organization’s ability to fill open positions, beautifully displayed in a customizable format based on the user’s preferred reporting format. We can’t wait for you to see it!

Until then, happy recruiting!

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