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MedChi Review: A Modern HR Solution For Healthcare Recruiting

Uncover how MedChi and Leadline are working together to provide Maryland physicians with a user-friendly, cost-effective recruiting solution.

Baltimore, April 2, 2024 — Today MedChi, The Maryland State Medical Society, is pleased to announce a collaboration with Leadline Inc., a software platform catering to healthcare organizations facing high volume recruiting challenges.

Leadline’s mission is to make talent acquisition simple. In today’s job market, recruiting teams are facing two key issues; they are either lacking applicants to fill open roles or they are inundated with hundreds or thousands of applications from different job boards, but lack the ability to measure which of these sources are delivering high-quality candidates. The Leadline platform makes recruiting simple for both recruiters and candidates, from job posting, pre-screening to automated interview scheduling and more.

Leadline brings significant value to healthcare organizations by using candidate interest and intent signals to determine the quality of a candidate’s application before it reaches the hiring team’s initial review process. By prioritizing high-quality applications, hiring teams can more quickly engage the right talent to expedite the hiring process. Leadline also tracks the conversion rates across all application sources (like job boards, website visitors, social media posts, referral programs, and in-person job fair events) to give executive teams real-time visibility into their cost-per-hire.

With this collaboration, MedChi Members will have access to Leadline’s platform which allows them to:

  1. Seamlessly integrate their current ATS/HRIS system with no Integration or Implementation costs.
  2. Improve their speed-to-hire with a user-friendly interface and mobile-app that allows hiring teams to quickly review applications from their mobile device, including the ability to communicate via text messaging, and the ability to intelligently schedule interviews using Leadline’s connected calendar feature. Saving up to 30% of time spent on manual administrative tasks.
  3. Measure and optimize their return on investment for recruitment marketing initiatives by tracking which job advertisement channels are yielding the highest quality candidates. Hiring up to 40x faster.
  4. Provide visibility into return on job board and sourcing investments. Using this information, organizations can easily cut spend in underperforming channels, resulting in 30-40% overall reduction in recruiting costs.
  5. Keep all your data and all your candidates to build an internal database of high quality candidates for when the need comes up again.
  6. Ensure a positive candidate experience to maintain your brand and recruit to retain your staff.

About MedChi

Medchi, The Maryland State Medical Society, is a non-profit membership association of Maryland physicians. It is the largest physician organization in Maryland. The mission of MedChi is to serve as a Maryland’s foremost advocate and resource for physicians, their patients and the public health of Maryland. For more information, please visit