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The Ultimate Guide That Will Make Your Next Job Interview A Success

Ace your next job interview with our comprehensive guide! Dive into our expert tips and tricks to be the best version of yourself and land that dream job.

As experts in all things recruiting, we are hyper-aware of the stress and anxiety that can come with a job interview. That’s why we’ve made the perfect comprehensive list of every little detail to prepare to ensure a successful interview. This all starts well before the interview begins. Let’s walk through the interview together to present the best version of yourself for your future employer.

Interview Prep

Research the company. Know before you walk in the door the key points you want to make about why you are interested in the company, the direction they are headed, and their latest challenges and successes.

Pro Tip:
Scan to see what they are posting about on social media. What are the latest blog posts and press releases to come out?

Looking into your next potential employer can you give an idea of what their priorities are, which can give you a bit of leverage with your talking points during the interview.

Know Your Audience

Bring out your inner Nancy Drew and do some light sleuthing on your interviewer’s career. What information can be found out ahead of time to give yourself an opportunity to connect on a personal level. For example, the candidate can use a link such as “Sue, I understand you spent your career at X accounting firm and are now working here at x University as a teacher. What inspired you to make that switch?”. You’ve given them the emphasis that you’re not only interested in them enough to stand out, but you are giving them an open-ended question that welcomes them to open up about their own experiences. Taking the interview “off script” can be a great way to find out more about the team you will be working with, culture fits as well as work/life balance in the job, or other factors that are critical for you to identify before accepting the offer.

Pro Tip:
Review names wehn possible—if you are a few rounds in, have a note nearby with the names of each stakeholder you’ve met with. It’s crucial to showcase competence and trustworthiness for the job. You can do this by using everyone’s name intermittently.

Find Your Grip

Practice your handshake with a friend. Other than ensuring a few laughs, this allows you to be prepared to match the handshake of your interviewers. You want to connect, match their grip, and complete one shake before releasing—don’t forget the eye contact and introductions.

Body Language

Take a moment to yourself as you begin. A big breath in and out can help keep the nerves at bay. Use your hands and face to show genuine interest. Especially when they speak of specific challenges they currently face, share empathy with a slow head nod and light eye contact. Make sure you are seated upright with good posture but maintain a neutral stance.

Pro Tip:
Riddled with nerves before an interview? Lacking the confidence you need to get the job? It is proven that standing in a superhero pose carries into your interview!1

Trial Interview

Nowadays it is so easy to prep yourself for an interview. Leverage the power of AI with the likes of Chat GPT and community forums like Reddit posts. Whether you are an AI expert or haven’t scratched the surface, this tool can be incredibly beneficial for interview prep. Let’s say you are applying for a job as a project manager. You can prompt AI to give you a list of common questions for a candidate interviewing for a project manager role. From there, you can ask AI to answer those same questions using your very own resume. Copy and paste the following into Gem or ChatGPT for example and try it for yourself!

Use this prompt for AI to help you practice your interview skills. “Create a list of common interview questions for a [insert role title here i.e. project manager] at [insert company name or market sector i.e. telecoms software company].

Pro Tip:
If you are appling to a larger, well-known company, chances are, the most common interview questions are publicly accessible on Reddit or other sub-threads.

Be On Time (Be EARLY)

To avoid an unfortunate Home Alone moment, double-check alarms if you have an early start. Ask a reliable friend/family member to double-check that you’re headed out the door on time. Plan your journey ahead of time, taking into consideration traffic mitigate any risks by leaving yourself extra time.

Virtual Interviews

In 2024, virtual interviews have become increasingly the norm. Spend time to make it a solid setup and make sure you’re uninterupted. Find great lighting either naturally or using a ring light you purchase on Amazon. Be conscious of your background. A blurred or natural background is less distracting than a virtual one. Check your internet speed. Have a backup plan. Don’t mind the delay if their internet is lagging a little.

Dress for the Job

The person interviewing you has a genuine interest in upholding their brand. Ensure your clothes match the job. Pinterest is a wonderful place to build style boards and get inspiration for a variety of markets. And this can go both ways. I’ve heard of people not getting a job because they were over-dressed. The recruiter can guide you here if you aren’t sure—you can ask it as part of a cultural question early on to understand the culture of the company based on the dress code and if it’s a fit for you.

Pro Tip:
Wear your outfit ahead of time to ensure it fits, feels comfortable and you’re comfortable. Do you know yourself enough to know you’re at liability to spill coffee on yourself? Pack that extra shirt as a backup. Your future self will thank you!

Ready for Your Next job Interview?

The bottom line is that every interview is different from the next. All you can do is bring your best self, prepare as much as possible while keeping it light, and trust the process and your prep. You’ve got this!