About Leadline, Inc.

A Team Passionate About Solving Today’s Recruiting Challenges

Leadline, Inc. develops game-changing recruiting software solutions that help world-class recruiting teams navigate today's complex hiring market conditions.

The Leadline Story

Labor shortages, high turnover, and alarmingly high replacement costs—while these market conditions are not necessarily new, the COVID-19 pandemic certainly put a spotlight on just how impactful these issues are on organizational success. Once considered just an “HR problem,” talent acquisition has now made its way into the boardroom because the lifeblood of all businesses is its people.

Leadline’s founders identified the root cause of this talent crisis as a culmination of several internal and external forces that are often isolated across different areas within an organization.

In order to address the issue of talent acquisition, change had to start with executive sponsorship. Seeing an opportunity for Software to unify multiple organizational units under one common goal of optimizing cost-per-hire and speed-to-hire, Leadline was born.

After developing a proof of concept, the idea proved capable of not just optimizing cost per hire by 50% and speed to hire by 90% but also creating an environment where the company could scale revenue without incurring an equal scale in cost, thus making the business more profitable in the long-term.

Our Core Values


We work hard to ensure that our clients, partners, and the candidates they are trying to attract can trust us the same way we trust each other here at Leadline. We achieve this by being transparent, honest, and confident as subject-matter experts in Software as a Service in the Talent Acquisition space.


We consistently strive to promote an inclusive environment where human beings of all backgrounds can get jobs. We achieve this by ensuring everyone is eligible to participate within the Leadline ecosystem, both as a partner of Leadline or a prospective employee of our partners.


We deliver cutting-edge solutions on an ongoing basis to keep pace with a rapidly changing labor environment and consumer demand. We achieve this by listening and engaging with our clients, partners, and candidates to ideate new feature enhancements and upgrades to our platform.


We strongly believe in a collaborative, partnership-driven approach where ‘1 + 1 = 3’. Our team achieves this by working hands-on within our human capital ecosystem so that our customers can derive the most significant value from using Leadline.

Our Focus

Leadline focuses on three primary areas for our clients:

Increasing Speed to Hire

By utilizing the power of workflow automation, Leadline helps make teams more efficient, thus increasing the throughput of candidates into the offer letter stage.


Reducing Cost per Hire

By harnessing the power of recruiting data, Leadline helps teams understand where to best spend resources based on what is working (and what is not working) for them.


Improving Collaboration

By providing tools to create positive candidate experiences, Leadline helps foster a “recruit to retain” methodology that reduces recruiting burnout and fatigue from the cyclical impacts of turnover.

Meet the Leadline Team

Our team is a group of talented individuals passionate about the recruitment and staffing industry. We’re deeply committed to providing high-quality recruitment technology solutions that drive results.

Executive Team

Anthony Socci

Chief Executive Officer

Kendley Davenport

Chief Sales Officer

Chandler Waldis

Chief Product Officer

Sales Team

Margaret Malagisi

Sr. VP of Sales,

Andrew Avelino

VP of Sales,
Business Services & Partnerships

Catherine Bolling

VP of Sales,

Reginald Wideman

Sales Manager,

Bob Pressler

Sr. Director of Business Development,

Kimberly Ondriska

Sr. Director of Business Development,

Customer Success Team

Bob Feehery

Sr. Director of Customer Success

Lisa Betts

Customer Success Manager

Kelly LaPierre

Customer Success Manager

Parker Curnew

Business Consultant

Operations Team

Camile Curnew

VP of HR & Operations

Eric Yoder


Marketing & Production Team

Brittany Rutledge

Sr. Director of Product Marketing

Gedy Leon

Sr. Director of Marketing

Jonny Lawrence

Director of Digital Marketing

Hunter Waldis

UI/UX Designer

Kaylyn Broussard

Social Media Specialist

Samantha Bradish

Digital Marketing Specialist


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