Frequently Asked Questions

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Leadline is an inbound candidate lead generation Software as a Service (SaaS) application for HR, recruiters and hiring managers. Unlike traditional “head-hunting” approaches, Leadline attracts candidates to your company by employing marketing automation and advertising techniques to make candidates more interested in working for your company. By using Leadline’s approach, you can reduce time and money spent on searching and qualifying candidates while simultaneously improving your brand recognition.

Candidate lead generation is a process for establishing a list of individuals with interest in working with (or for) your company. By implementing a candidate lead generation process, you can be proactive in responding to situations where you need to hire individuals on short notice. 

A talent acquisition strategy is a plan or process that is implemented to solve for a specific shortcoming or problem related to your hiring efforts, such as lack of applicant pool, lengthy response times, productivity waste on severely unqualified candidates—or perhaps a combination of multiple problems. It typically starts with having an ideal candidate in-mind and re-focusing your efforts around that candidate’s preferences and habits to create increasingly interested behavior to the point where they make a decision to apply for one of your jobs, and stay engaged with you up until the point a hiring decision is made.

By using Leadline’s questionnaire feature, you can create unique candidate qualifying question sets for each job, allowing you and your hiring managers to capture the job-specific information needed to make a quicker decision (it also makes for a better applicant experience). We have support for multiple types of questions (including selfie-video response and file capture), custom scoring criteria, and optionality for mandating responses to certain questions to ensure equal opportunity consideration when making decisions.

Unlike an Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), Leadline specializes on inbound lead generation by employing marketing and advertising techniques to create a self-generating pipeline of exclusive, pre-qualified leads for your business. In doing so, you retain complete control of the applicant experience to ensure your corporate brand is properly presented, further increasing candidate interest levels. By employing this approach, you not only enable your recruiters to be more productive, you also enable your organization to tap into more relevant or alternative audience networks, enhance your corporate brand reputation, accelerate your time-to-hire and optimize your cost-per-hire – which ultimately translates to improved margins for your business operations.

Absolutely—every customer gets their first 30 days free. If you need more than 30 days to try it out, inquire with our sales team for more options.

As a software as a service (SaaS) company, our Customer Success team is here to help you learn and operate the Leadline app based on your needs. Each new customer gets an assigned Customer Success team member and complimentary onboarding comprised of one 30-minute kickoff session and a second 60-minute product training session—we can even set up your first couple of jobs if needed. For ongoing support questions, we have a support team mailbox and phone number that you can request call-backs from our team – we’re always here to help!

Since talent acquisition is a universal business challenge, Leadline works for businesses of all sizes and industries. If you are consistently hiring or looking for prospective employees due to growth or turnover, you are a good candidate for Leadline.

No—Leadline does not replace your existing HRB or ATS. Instead, Leadline compliments—or “sits next to”—your existing technology stack as an automated candidate lead generation engine that fills your pipeline with pre-screened applicants for your recruiters and/or hiring managers. Once a hiring decision is made, you can export your candidate leads out of Leadline as a .CSV file, a common file format that can be imported to most HRB and ATS systems.

Your monthly subscription includes access to all features of the Leadline platform, even if you choose not to use certain features. It also includes access to our customer success team who will help you learn, operate and optimize the use of our product for your business needs. The only additional costs beyond your monthly subscription are your advertising fees, which vary based upon your advertising approach (free or paid).

Your monthly subscription price depends on the number of Recruiters ($150/month) or Hiring Managers ($10/month) you want using Leadline, which allows you to scale-up on your own terms. We use Stripe as our secure payment processor, so we can accept major credit cards or collect via ACH by generating monthly invoices and emailing them to your team with links to pay the invoice.

Recruiters get access to all job requisition management functionality, whereas Hiring Managers can only (a) connect their calendars for easier group meeting scheduling and (b) look at candidate information visible to their account based on permissions defined by the Recruiter or Company Administrator.

You have multiple options for posting jobs with Leadline depending on your advertising approach (free or paid).

For free options, you can use our JobFeeder functionality to list your jobs on your Indeed company page, or you can use our trackable advertising channel URLs feature to enrich 3rd party advertising sources (eg. social media call-to-action button, an email referral link, or a QR code). You can also embed your company’s jobs directly on your website using our website widget feature.

For paid options, you can use our sponsored job posting integration to purchase sponsored job slots on dozens of popular job boards including Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Monster, CareerBuilder and others. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to just outsource your advertising on a performance-based, fixed monthly budget – we can help you with that too (note: $5,000 monthly budget minimum. Inquire with sales for more details).

Leadline supports a variety of integrations with common workplace productivity tools to allow you to leverage your existing meeting calendars (Google Calendar and Outlook) and video conference accounts (Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, Skype) to make interview scheduling and candidate communications easier. We are also integrated with Twilio for SMS text messaging capabilities, to allow you to text with candidates who prefer more real-time updates or discussions.

Visit our Integrations page for a full list of technologies Leadline partners with.