Accelerate Your Decision Making with Confidence

Collect candidate information about job qualifications, and Leadline will highlight the submissions worth focusing your recruiter and hiring manager efforts on.

Your Candidates are More Than a Resume

Conduct virtual interviews, collect job-related credentials, and get to know your candidates on the first touchpoint to accelerate decision-making.

Leadline’s job-specific smart applications allow your talent teams to create custom curated screening questions based on individual job needs or requirements. Applicants can easily apply on their mobile devices or desktop.

One Place for All Your Candidates

With Leadline, all candidate submissions are stored in one centralized location, allowing you to decide which ones are worth exporting into your HRIS system for employee onboarding to keep your database clean and organized.

Set up user-based data access permissions with Leadline’s visibility settings feature, allowing you to control which candidates are visible to specific recruiters and hiring managers for maintaining and enforcing data access compliance requirements within your organization.

Your Candidate Data is Yours to Keep

Allow your recruiters and talent acquisition managers to export qualified leads from Leadline into your ATS/HRIS system for employee onboarding.

Leadline compliments your existing Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or Human Resource Information System (HRIS) for recruiting and talent acquisition—we do not replace these systems for employee onboarding, payroll, or talent management functions. All your candidate data sourced with Leadline is yours to keep for as long as you want—even the candidates you may not have an open requisition for yet.

Search, Filter, and Find Candidates Quicker

Don’t waste time digging through thousands of emails. Leadline intelligently stores and organizes your Candidate information so you can find it when needed.

Filter and search for Candidates based on previous positions applied for, custom data tags, or application responses to curate your own Talent Portfolio.

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