Create Personal Connections With Your Candidates

From setting next-step expectations to scheduling interviews to anything else you need to communicate to your candidates—say it how you want to say it with Leadline.

Real-time Text Messaging and Emails

Improve your brand identity by not letting important touchpoints slip through the cracks; Candidates take note of (and talk about) unresponsive employers.

With built-in text messaging and emails, Leadline allows you to send real-time and programmable communication to your Candidates.

Real-Time Text Messaging and Email Communications

Schedule Virtual Interviews in Seconds

Realize productivity savings by cutting out the dozens of hours that go into scheduling interviews across candidate and hiring manager schedules.

With Leadline’s Connected Calendar feature, Recruiters can empower Candidates to schedule interviews at their convenience. With support for individual and group meetings, Candidates can look at the availability of all Recruiters and Hiring Managers involved in the interview process. Leadline also has integrations with videoconferencing apps like Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet, which automatically generate videoconference details.

Schedule Virtual Interviews in Seconds

Personalize Your Communication

Give Candidates a personal touch to drive incremental engagement and interest in your brand without requiring your Recruiters and Hiring Managers to share their personal work contact information.

With Leadline, our native integration with Twilio allows you to send messages from a text-enabled business number, with support for candidate replies and real-time conversations. Connect your website domain to enable system-generated messaging to send from your brand’s domain (instead of Leadline’s domain).

One Place for All Your Candidates

Process-driven Automation

Let Leadline orchestrate administrative or logistical communications to your Candidates so your Recruiters and Hiring Managers stay focused on recruiting and hiring.

Automatically deliver next-step instructions, disqualification notices, job status updates, or any other process-oriented communications using Leadline’s Messaging Flow Studio. This feature saves you time, ensuring good communication at every step of the recruiting and hiring process.

Process Driven Automation

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