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How Leadline integrates with Talroo

Put your advertising on auto-pilot with the Talroo Ad Platform! When enabled, Leadline will connect your positions to thousands of job listing websites powered by the Talroo Ad Platform on a budget based target cost-per-applicant model. Based upon your team’s recruiting habits, Leadline helps TAP optimize your spend to ensure cost is allocated towards higher-converting channels, and away from under-performing channels while the giving you full visibility into your team’s cost-per-click, cost-per-applicant, and cost-per-hire metrics.

Talroo Job Campaigns

Source Smarter, Not Harder

Leadline is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Talroo, an award-winning talent matching platform serving more than 2 billion job display ads annually across thousands of pre-integrated websites.

Expand Your Network

Leveraging Talroo’s advertising platform, Leadline can seamlessly post your job listings on numerous websites, beyond Indeed, all with a single click. Expanding your network of candidates reduces the likelihood of competing for the same applicants. This increases your chances of connecting with high-quality candidates since their inboxes won’t be flooded with messages from other companies.

Full Visibility Into Your Cost-per-hire

Clicks are great for brand recognition, but ultimately, you invest in a job board to obtain hired employees, not a pool of applicants. With the addition of Talroo, Leadline can provide you with real-time visibility into the performance of your programmatic advertising efforts compared with other recruitment marketing efforts, allowing you to understand which efforts are paying off.

Candidate Sourcing Powered by AI

Leadline provides real-time feedback to Talroo based on your team’s usage, training the advertisement engine to get smarter over time. Leadline learns what your team considers “qualified” and “unqualified” and allows Talroo to adjust your budget accordingly—which means your budget is monitored 24/7 and in real-time to maximize efficiency.


Using Talroo, you’ll only pay when a prospective candidate clicks on your job listings, so you’ll always stay within budget. With Leadline’s conversion-optimized candidate journey, you gain a straightforward and economical method of promoting your job opportunities, providing an exceptional end-to-end jobseeker experience that prioritizes transforming clicks into successful hires.

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