Insights for Data-Driven Decision Making

Improve business forecasting and predictability with snapshots, trends, and conversion metrics to measure the success of your lead generation efforts.

Your Data. Your Strategic Decisions.

Empower your team and drive better performance with powerful data-driven reporting tools.

Now you can extract critical actionable insights and pivot quickly with a clear view of what is and isn’t working. Gain a competitive edge with a consistently optimized recruiting strategy built on accurate talent analytics.

Leverage a robust, easy-to-use recruiting reporting platform to identify and pinpoint issues in your processes. Make the most of a holistic view of your strategy end-to-end. Take immediate action and realize better, intelligent, and cost-efficient outcomes.

Measure Your Data to Make Strategic Decisions

Understand the ROI for Recruitment Efforts

Track spending activities for various recruitment marketing efforts such as job boards, social media ads, print advertisements, or hiring events down to the individual job level to understand your cost profile breakdown.

Leadline’s Ad Spend tracker allows you to track individual spending activities for each channel you advertise. Combined with your lead sourcing metrics, Leadline provides your team end-to-end visibility into the best-performing advertising channels so you can quickly cut spend in under-performing channels and better understand the true cost-per-hire of acquiring new employees.

Measure ROI for Recruitment Efforts

Gain Insights with Lead Source Tracking

Understand where your best Candidates are applying from without asking candidates the ol’ “How did you hear about us?” question.

With Leadline’s Channel URL tracking, you can easily create shareable links that you can integrate into your existing recruitment efforts (e.g., ‘Apply URLs’ for existing job posts), shared via messenger apps or social media, or embedded into QR codes to easily track where leads, submissions, and hires are coming from.

Lead Source Tracking

Enhance Performance with Business KPIs

Measure fill rates and time-to-hire across specific positions for per-recruiter or department-based performance tracking.

Leadline’s status tracking and custom field features allow real-time measurement of your recruiting team’s capacity and candidate progress tracking, including insights into average time-to-fill and submissions-per-hire to understand your recruiting team’s productivity levels.

Measure Business KPIs

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