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Integrate With Talroo: Source Smarter, Not Harder

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Learn how to put your advertising on auto-pilot with the Talroo Ad Platform serving over 2 billion ads across thousands of pre-integrated websites.

Introducing Leadline’s power couple: our award-winning platform paired with the legendary Talroo network. It’s a match made in recruiting heaven, and here’s why you need to get on board.

Are you tired of the limited job board options? With Talroo’s reach, your open positions will be showcased on thousands of pre-integrated websites, expanding your candidate pool like never before. No more competing for the same fish—it’s time to reel in a new school of talent! With a new world of AI and recruiting technology, you don’t have to rely on your gut instincts or guess your ideal candidates’ persona. Leadline, powered by Talroo’s smarts, learns what your perfect candidate looks like in real-time, saving you valuable money since your budget will be laser-focused on attracting the right people.

It’s time to clear your sight and focus on your end goal. You’ll see exactly how your programmatic advertising efforts perform compared to other channels, giving you complete control over your recruitment ROI.

At Leadline, we understand you value your clicks, but hires are what pays the bills. With the help from Talroo, you only pay when someone shows genuine interest in your job, making your budget work smarter, not harder. Think of it as a self-driving recruitment car—you set the destination, and it takes the most efficient route.

Ready to ditch the hiring doldrums and attract a rockstar team? Don’t just click this link, sprint to it! Download our brochure today and discover how Leadline and Talroo can transform your recruitment into a harmonious melody of talent acquisition.

Learn more about how Leadline integrates with Talroo here or check out our partnership announcement here.