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Modernize your school district's hiring process with Leadline—the modern solution for school staffing shortages and turn-over.

Education Statistics

Current trends and figures in the education industry.


Seventy percent of K–12 public schools reported their primary challenge for filling school teaching vacancies was too few candidates applying for open positions.

Source: National Center for Education Statistics, September 2022.


43 percent said less paperwork and fewer administrative duties would encourage them to stay.

Source:, Teacher Recruitment Statistics 2023.


45 percent, nearly half of school administrators reported feeling understaffed before the start of the 2023-24 school year.

Source: Education Week, October 2023.

The Leadline Platform

Leadline is a recruiting technology for school districts facing staffing shortages and turn-over issues.

Leadline is a simple self-service software for HR teams to create district-exclusive talent pools by using a modern approach to candidate sourcing.

Benefits for Education

Here are just a few ways Leadline can help your school or school district.

Find and hire staff faster.

Build district-exclusive talent pools with pre-qualified candidates to more quickly fill roles.

Decrease your recruiting costs.

Decrease your recruiting costs. See the performance of all your job posting initiatives from one place. Eliminate spend on initiatives that don’t yield results.

Modernize your hiring approach.

School Districts are implementing technology in the classroom – it’s time to upgrade technology in your HR department.

Enhance district brand awareness.

Make your district stand-out by showcasing your district’s brand and value proposition to your potential candidates.

Education Features

Take a look at some of the key components Leadline has for educational hiring.

Build a District Talent Pool.

All applicant responses are saved for future use, even if you don’t hire them. Creating your own CRM helps you be proactive in preventing attrition rather than reacting to it.

Diversify Your Sourcing.

Maximize your advertising efforts across more than just job boards – enable candidates to apply directly from social channels, QR codes, and Careers pages.

Promote Your Brand.

Unlike legacy HR systems, Leadline allows you to make a great first impression with candidates with custom job pages that are attractive and compelling to future applicants.

Connect with your Community.

Leadline’s easy integration with your social media allows you to tap into your community following to assist in finding your next hire.

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