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Revolutionize your Healthcare recruiting with Leadline—streamline processes, decrease costs, and increase profitability.

Healthcare Statistics

Current trends and figures in the healthcare industry.


87% of healthcare CEOs reported ‘increased costs for staff and supplies’ as their biggest financial challenge.

Source: American College of Healthcare Executives (February, 2022).


53% of healthcare CEOs reported ‘reducing operating costs’ as their second-biggest financial challenge.

Source: American College of Healthcare Executives (February, 2022).


Every 1% change in RN turnover rate will cost/save the average hospital an additional $262,300 annually.

Source: NSI National Health Care Retention & RN Staffing Report (March, 2023).

The Leadline Platform

Leadline is a self-service software platform for healthcare organizations challenged with high-volume recruiting needs.

As a modern HR software platform, Leadline enables you to create exclusive talent pools by centralizing your leads generated from job boards, social media and other recruitment initiatives like job fairs and QR codes.

Benefits for Healthcare

Here are just a few ways Leadline can help your hospital or health-focused organization.

Expand your internal recruiting purview.

Build company and team-based float pools to easily search, identify and engage leads, allowing you to fill commonly open job requisitions quicker.

Create organization synergies.

With Leadline, your hiring teams easily collaborate with hiring managers to streamline their recruiting processes.

Decrease your cost-per-hire.

Leadline measure which recruitment marketing initiatives yield the most hires over time, allowing you to monitor budget and resources in real time.

Increase your profitability.

By lowering the long-term cost of talent acquisition, you can put money back in the organization’s pocket.

Healthcare Features

Take a look at some of the key components Leadline has to help you hire healthcare staff.

Candidate Relationship Manager.

Leadline is your organization’s lead database specifically for hiring. Prequalify and tag candidates using captured candidate responses as a starting place for fulfilling an open role.

Automated Applicant Pre-Screening

Automated Applicant Pre-Screening

Improved Candidate Experience.

A mobile-first, prompt response hiring experience makes candidates feel excited and valued. With Leadline Messaging, Recruiters can reach candidates via text messaging and email.

Know Your Spend.

Per-channel reporting gives you insight into what advertising costs are resulting in hires and which ones are underperforming. Shift spend elsewhere or eliminate it entirely.

Diversify Your Sourcing.

Centralize your sourcing efforts to include more than just job boards– enable candidates to apply directly from social channels, QR codes, and Careers pages.

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