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Level up your Hospitality organization hiring with Leadline Platform—Centralize leads, promote your brand, hire faster, decrease costs, and more.

Hospitality Statistics

Current trends and figures in the hospitality industry.


87% of hotels in the U.S. say are understaffed.
Source: McKinsey & Company (April, 2023).


69% of hospitality hiring teams report taking 3 days or longer to respond to an initial application.
Source: (November, 2022).


53% of hospitality executives say their properties are less than 75% of the workforce they had in 2019.
Source: Deloitte ‘Towards travel’s frictionless frontline: Integrating technology and workforce’ (September, 2023).

The Leadline Platform

Leadline is a self-service software platform for hospitality businesses challenged with high-volume or seasonal recruiting needs.

As a modern HR software platform, Leadline enables you to create exclusive talent pools by centralizing your leads generated from job boards, social media and other recruitment initiatives like job fairs and QR codes.

Benefits for Hospitality

Discover some of the ways Leadline can benefit your hospitality establishment.

Promote your corporate brand.

With Leadline, HR teams can create engaging candidate experiences that are consistent with corporate branding.

Accelerate your time to hire.

Don’t wait on job boards to send you candidates being solicited by other employers. Search, identify, and engage candidates from your talent pool in minutes.

Decrease your cost-per-hire.

Create your own in-house CRM by owning the data you paid for and shift/eliminate spend on non-performant job advertisement channels.

Increase your profitability.

Leadline measures which recruitment marketing initiatives yield the most hires, allowing you to be more efficient with your budget and resources.

Hospitality Features

Explore the essential elements that Leadline offers for recruiting in the hospitality sector.

Automated Applicant Pre-Screening

Automated Applicant Pre-Screening

Applicant Pre-Screening.

Create tailored application forms for specific jobs to gather essential information for better hiring decisions. Go beyond basic resume screening with file and selfie-video uploads to get a 360-degree view of a candidate.

Hiring Team Collaboration.

Automatically assign pre-qualified candidates to specific hiring managers to speed up collaboration and decision making.

Enriched Job Descriptions.

Highlight your company’s brand immediately to your candidates with custom-themed job description pages. You can list jobs directly on your corporate website using Leadline’s website widget.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Real-Time Cost-per-hire Monitoring.

Leadline tracks your return on investment based upon which paid initiatives result in hired employees. Use this data to make informed decisions and proactively manage your job board spend.

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