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Accelerate hiring and reduce costs with Leadline—the ultimate candidate lead generation tool for Staffing and Recruiting.

Staffing and Recruiting Statistics

Current trends and figures in the staffing and recruiting industry.


70% of candidates lose interest if the hiring process is too slow.

Source: CNBC


63% of candidates will reject a job offer if they had a bad candidate experience.

Source: Software Advice


72% of candidates are likely to share bad experiences online or with someone directly.

Source: CareerArc

The Leadline Platform

Leadline is a candidate lead generation tool for your hiring teams. Think of it as a Candidate Relationship Manager (CRM) for your company’s recruiting efforts.

Build your own private database of pre-qualified contacts that your hiring teams can leverage. Fill open roles quicker, reduce your long-term hiring costs, and strengthen your brand while you’re doing it.

Your Solution for Attracting Top Talent Beyond Job Boards

Benefits for Staffing & Recruiting

Here are a couple of ways Leadline can assist you in simplifying your talent acquisition.

Accelerate your time-to-hire.

Increase candidate flow through automation by creating a perpetual pipeline or bench/reserve of applicants (i.e. a Talent Portfolio).

Decrease your cost to hire.

Create your own in-house CRM by owning the data you paid for and shift/eliminate spend on non-performant job advertisement channels.

Increase your profitability.

Reduce the cost of scaling company revenue and make your talent acquisition initiatives measurable and budgetable.

Improve your company culture.

Promote company brand awareness and win the war on talent and improve recruiter and hiring manager morale.

Staffing & Recruiting Features

Check out some of the essential elements Leadline offers to simplify your hiring process.

Build a Talent Portfolio

Build a Talent Portfolio

Build a Talent Portfolio.

Curate your own database of candidates with recruiter-managed candidate profiles. Easily search and filter candidates to quickly find the right candidate for an open role and invite them to apply.

Automate Your Communication

Automate Your Communication

Automated Interview Scheduling.

Connect your calendar to Leadline to simplify interview scheduling at-scale. Leadline also connects to your preferred video conference apps like Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet to automatically insert meeting links.

Build a Compelling Employer Brand

Build a Compelling Employer Brand

Promote Your Brand.

Create customized Careers pages to showcase your employer value prop and stand-out amongst the competition. Save Templates for future use to ensure conosistent styling and compliance with corporate branding guidelines.

One Place for All Your Candidates

One Place for All Your Candidates

Happier Recruiters.

Increased team productivity results in less employee fatigue and burnout. Now more than ever, it’s important to empower your team with the right tools to be more efficient.

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