Recruit to Retain: Strategies to Minimize Turnover

Unlock the power of retention-focused recruitment and uncover the hidden costs of turnover.

About the Webinar

We get it! Keeping up with employee turnover can be exhausting. But don’t fret, my friend! We have some helpful information coming your way.

In our 30-minute webinar, we’ll talk about how to combat churn due to career hopping and Gen X retiring rates. Discover how a retention-focused recruitment strategy can save you money, speed up hiring, and build a happy, engaged workforce that sticks around.

What We Talked About

  • The hidden turnover costs and why paying up isn’t the only answer.
  • Shifting your mindset from “job-hopping” to “career loyalty.”
  • Crafting job descriptions that showcase growth opportunities and attract long-term talent.
  • Building a seamless application process that values every candidate.
  • Engaging strategies to keep new hires happy and invested in your company.

Save the Date

Thursday, March 7 at 3:30pm EST

Meet Your Hosts

Staff Photo: Chandler Waldis

Chandler Waldis

Chief Product Officer

Staff Photo: Brittany Rutledge

Brittany Rutledge

Sr. Director of Product Marketing

A ‘Thank You’ Gift for All Attendees

By attending this webinar, you’ll get an exclusive download of our guide, “7 Proven Steps to Crafting Job Descriptions That Stand Out”, so you can immediately start putting all of these powerful tips into action.

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